Scientific advisory board


Prof. Dr. Roos Masereeuw
Roos Masereeuw has been full professor of Experimental Pharmacology, Utrecht University since June 2015 and scientific director since 2018 at Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences. Her research group focuses on understanding the pathways that can be pharmacologically triggered to enhance repair and regeneration processes after organ injury, in particular the kidney. For this, humanized in vitro systems are being applied that functionally mimic (patients’) organs, which include the use of innovative technologies for 3-dimensional advanced tissue cultures such as organs-on-chips.


Prof. Dr. Jamie Davies
Jamie Davies is as scientist/ engineer at The University of Edinburgh. He is interested in learning how organs develop and in applying that knowledge to constructing new organs from stem cells. These are either of natural types or organ or, through synthetic biology approaches, ones with 'designer tissues' with new properties. He co-chairs the UK's Kidney Regeneration Network.



Prof. Dr. Richard Sandford
Richard Sandford trained in nephrology in Leicester, London and Cambridge, UK. He has specialised in renal genetics and he sees many individuals and families living with genetic renal disease in a multidisciplinary setting with combined nephrology, genetics, urology and clinical biochemistry support. His research interests include the clinical epidemiology of genetic renal disease and methods of predicting disease progression. He is currently the Clinical Director of the East Genomic Medicine Service Alliance, part of the new NHS Genomic Medicine Service that serves a population over 10M people and aims to embed genomics in all areas of healthcare.